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BTC110 Fiber Coupled TE Cooled 16 Bit Linear CCD Spectrometer

Data Sheet 

BTC100 series productsare low cost and high performance TE cooled linear CCD spectrometers. They are equipped with 2048 elements thermoelectrically cooled (TEC) linear CCD arrays, built-in 16 bit digitizers with RS232/USB interfaces and optimized high throughput spectrographs. Compare with non-cooled CCD spectrometers, the BTC110 products offer much higher dynamic range, greatly reduced dark counts and superior long term operation stability, thus are ideal for low light level detections and long term monitoring applications. Resolution of 0.3 nm or higher can be supplied. Flexible custom configurations and custom application support are provided.


  • UV, Visible and NIR versions available

  • TEC cooled high stability and low dark counts

  • Built-in 16 bit digitizer and PC interface

  • High performance ot cost ratio

  • 0.3 to 20 nm resolution versions available

  • Ideal for low light level applications

  • Custom configurations and application support

  • OEM and end user versions available

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